A Girl Called Ana Teaches Kittens How to Draw

I'd like to take a moment to feature one of the most influential, creative geniuses I know. Mr. Bob Pendarvis, is a friend and former professor of mine from the sequential department at the

Life Drawing- Breaking New Ground

I love life drawing even though it's a rather masochistic thing to do to oneself. I mean, a vast majority of the time I can't eeek out a single sketch I like and then when I do, good luck doing it again.

Jilting Muse: A Sketch Demo

What do you do when your jilting whore muse is on the run again? (I usually sulk in my thinking chair and ponder the blueness of my walls while awaiting her sweet return. but what I should do is....)

A Painter’s Glaze

People ask about my acrylic painting process, I guess you could call it "Glazing". Kathrine Sandoz, one of my professors at SCAD, taught me and I kind of ran away with it.

Who Cares?

Sometimes it's a whole lot like this....

Tony Stark

"That's how dad did it, that's how America does it, and it's worked pretty well so far"

Sorolla on My Mind-Studies in Spanish

Itching to paint, I thought I'd try some studies in watercolor and gouache from some of the photos I took in Spain. The point of these studies is not to copy, but to loosen the strokes

Dear Kurt Vonnegut,

When I learned to laugh and cry at the same time it was because I was reading Kurt Vonnegut. One of my favorite contemporary satirists of all time; his dark humor

Anti-Protest Rally

For those who just don't have much to say....

Designer Label Chaser

I was recently commissioned to design an art label for a new beer flavor "Nixie" by Mr. Penguin Brewery. The mood of this enticing beer:


I am still playing with this gouache wipe out technique. Oh, what a glutton for punishment I am. So here is Wolverine. Why Wolverine you say? How can I resist that face?! "Grrrrr"

Come See the Show!

Latchkey Studios month long exhibition of art and comics! Opening reception weekend is February 4th-6th 7:30pm-10:30pm with live music, drinks, refreshments and prize pack give always.