Creativity Triggers: “Tea Time”

Have you ever spent the work week anxiously anticipating the weekend so you can get to that personal project you’ve been dying to create? Then, when Saturday morning comes you inexplicably can’t

Composition is Everything

You may recall my post last March sketching in the Savannah Bonaventure Cemetery, or at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery last fall. I love sketching on location and I find a sense of natural beauty

Spectrum Fantastic Art: Live! and Active Culture

For the past four years I've been attending Spectrum Fantastic Art Live in Kansas City, MO. This year was the first year I was not participating as an exhibitor. I've made a firm decision not to exhibit

Designer Alchemy: Natural Science Insect Specimen Painting Demonstration

A recurring theme on this blog is my obsession with natural science, more specifically; BUGS. I love bugs. Well, that is to say, I love them glued behind glass and hanging on my wall or otherwise,

Pinspiration- Breaking in the New Moleskin

Believe it or not, I've never actually owned a Moleskin sketchbook. I am always looking for new kinds, with different paper, covers etc. I have all sorts but I've never had a Moleskin. I recently got one after reading

Sketch Journal: Munich

Lets see, where did we leave off... yes, here were were, on the train from Paris to Munich. We arrived in Munich late at night and hungry. After checking into our hotel we ventured out

Painting Demo: Acrylic Media Profiling

Acrylic paint is one of the most versatile media of painterly expression. It certainly has a stigma that goes with it and oils reign supreme by comparison. However, you can get many of the same results

Film Noir: A Painting Demo

Man it’s been a busy arty year so far! I just got back from Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 2 in Kansas City . It was an inspiring trip that reaffirmed my desire to get more painterly with my work.

Sketchy Adventures with Cartoon People at the Natural History Museum NYC

It's been a long time since I've been to the Natty Mu, I use to sketch there pretty often but somehow my inner child got lost in the Big Apple and I've been doing other things, I guess.

Happy Holidays from Garrott Designs

It's so nice to be naughty!

Garrott Exposed: Ceres Gallery Exhibition

As part of a group show at Ceres Gallery in Chelsea New York I will be exhibiting 13 paintings. These works combine fashion illustration with fine art

Getting into a “Grove”: Acrylic Techniques at Play

I've been pretty fascinated with the work of David Grove and Bernie Fuchs for quite some time now. Back in art school I coveted my issue of "Illustration #15" flipping through it's vibrant pages

Doodles and Cupcakes!

Since it's my birthday, I'd like to take a moment to honor this little confection. Please allow me to indulge myself while I share with you my favorite cupcake doodles and places in New York.

Sketching Game of Thrones: True Romance

I'm not a big TV person, but when I latch onto a great show I get oh, so excited. The last time I was this stoked was "Who wants to Marry a Millionaire" but things have changed since

Transcending Transit

There is nothing I hate more than being bored. Holiday traveling always means an excruciating amount of waiting in line, in terminals, in planes, utterly uninspired, to say the least.