Creative Thinker/ List Maker

It's a common misconception that creative people aren't organized, goal oriented or even make lists. This may have been the case in past generations but I can tell you within my broad community of professional artists, designers

Brunch with Egon Schiele and “Death Becomes Her” @ the MET

Part of the " creative lifestyle" in my corner of the world involves getting creative minds together to enjoy things of common interest. This past Saturday was a gathering for brunch at the

Gift Giving Like a Designer

Nothing erks me more than having to give a gift card! "Stick to the registry" everyone says. Gift giving like a designer means adding luxury, creativity and personal touches. It's my business to

Sleepy Hollow Sketches and the Great Pumpkin Blaze

A curiosity for the creepy and beautiful places of the world permeates my adulthood as much as it did my fantastic childhood. The legend of Sleepy Hollow and the Johnny Depp

Sketch Journal: Paris

I've sketched on many trips; Japan, Spain and Mexico but I've never had the time to completely fill a sketchbook full of drawings. This summer in Paris and Munich, with a little help from arty friends

Sketching Versailles

I Intended never to forget Versailles, so I sketched my way through it this summer on my trip to France. I had studied it in art school, knew all about the "Hall of Mirrors", the "Sun king" and

Paris: Pickin Bones and the Thrill of the Hunt

Call me macabre but I find beauty in creepy things, I look for the art in science, and I am fascinated with the natural world. As you've seen in past blog posts, I spend some time sketching

Paris Pop Culture

Not unfamiliar to my travels and curiosities is the subject of Pop Culture. I've blogged about it before, in an LA transplant to NYC Pop-Up Gallery 1988. You may remember my Brooklyn

Masters of “ARTiculture” @ the Philadelphia Horticulture Show

The first day of Spring is here. The weather is still a little frosty in New York City, but an early March weekend in Philadelphia for the horticulture show sure put a "spring" in my step.

Chaos Assembled: Kris Kuksi “Revival”

Such a busy and frantic time of year! Why shouldn't one of my awesome, freaky, creative friends pop out of the wood work to drag me from my endless list of things to do to see

Stop and Smell the Horticulture

Spring just can't get here fast enough and I don't know about you, but I'm getting cabinet fever, yes, I said cabinet. Sure, there is plenty of work to keep me indoors, 3 paintings

Pop-Up Pop-Culture: Crazy4Cult

Being a kid in the 80's was totally Rad! I mean, I had Spuds McKenzie high-tops (back when they could market cigarettes and alcohol to kids), light up Jem earrings, and a Punky Brewster

“The Future Perfect”: A Brooklyn Photo Walk

It's spring! and you know what that means!? Time to crawl out of the dark hole you been in and find beauty in the world again. Such a lovely long holiday weekend I took myself to Williamsburg

Professional Shoppers

It's a dirty job but someones gotta do it! Shopping: staying on trend, finding new ideas, colors, silhouettes etc... Fashion is fast, if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it.

Southern Comfort

Taking a long weekend to visit my Alma mater, the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah Georgia, to spectate the Comic Arts Forum was a much needed creative recharge.