Weekend Warrior-Garrott Look #3

Wooohoooo, it's the weekend and you've got big plans girl! From morning to night you'll be running errands, doing some shopping, brunching with the girls, dinner with the BF and then a show.

“New Machines” Phil Noto Show NYC

I had the pleasure of meeting Phil and other awesome guests at 2011 Gigacon. Talking paint, movies, and music is how we unwind after the day of demos, portfolio critiques


I am still playing with this gouache wipe out technique. Oh, what a glutton for punishment I am. So here is Wolverine. Why Wolverine you say? How can I resist that face?! "Grrrrr"

Casual Friday-Wear Garrott to Work

Last Week Nickki at Wild as a Mink but Sweet as Soda Pop showed us how to pretty up the Garrott Tee. We all love that, but some times a Tee is a Tee, we want comfort, and so enters Casual Friday

Game Day Style

So it's game day and if you're like me it is seriously not fun to sit around for 3 or 4 hours watching people scream at the TV. But you wanna hang with the guys so what can you do?

How to Rock the Garrott Tee

The new Garrott Tee shirts are FINALLY here and we couldn't be more excited. Style is everything and a tee shirt doesn't have to be a dress-down go to the store kinda thing.

Slash and Spread 101

We designers talk dirty once in a while, especially when it comes to alterations. Slash and spread is an easy way to add fullness for shirring, pleats, gathers or darts.

Come See the Show!

Latchkey Studios month long exhibition of art and comics! Opening reception weekend is February 4th-6th 7:30pm-10:30pm with live music, drinks, refreshments and prize pack give always.

Art and Fashion In Spain

This year has been a pretty cool year. I managed to accomplish just about everything on my list. But the best thing by far was taking an art tour of Spain!

Fashion Illustration Experimentation

It started when I stood in front of Eduardo Rosales's painting "Death of Lucretia" at the Prado in Madrid. The violence and spirited application of paint spoke more about the subject

Some of My Favorite Pages

I promised an all new blog with an all new website, it's long overdue on the delivery. So why don't I start with some of my favorite pages from my tare books.