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ArtExpo NYC 2016- Garrott Decor

ArtExpoNYC 2016 was the largest show I’ve done to date. I’ve previously shown at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live, IlluxCon, and Ceres Gallery but a show of this scale was a new experience. Read more

Office Design Art WeWork Decor Space

How Art Leads Innovation in Science, Technology & Business

Much of my time is spent connecting people and ideas to achieve brand vision through product development. I’ve written several posts on the role of art and design in every day experiences. Once in a while I find a Goodread that supports the hunches lurking in the back of my mind.  One such book found […] Read more

Schooner Stephen Taber Sailboat Watercolor Art

Sketch Journal: Schooner Stephen Taber, Rockland Maine

Luxury Travel Sketching I have a tragic history of letting summer go by without embracing the outdoors. This year I’ve been burning to spend time by the water. Opportunities came and went but timing fell short of booking a thing. I have a pool in my building but this country girl turned New Yorker needs […] Read more


Residential The home is a sanctuary where we find comfort, joy, tranquility and inspiration. Home can be a gathering place for friends and family and also serve as a workspace. Every corner should be a vision of delight and self-expression. Garette Johnson shares your passion for curating a special place that balances the unique lifestyle of […] Read more


Commercial Garrott Designs provides modern art and creative intelligence to create a curated branded experience. With more than a decade of experience as a trend analyst, designer and interior artist, Garette Johnson understands the retail, hospitality and creative workspace landscape. Johnson is your creative source for bringing art and design to your branded environment. Schedule […] Read more


Garrott Designs creates fine art for residential and commercial spaces by collaborating with interior designers, architects, product developers and lifestyle brands to establish brand story. Garette Johnson, the creative director behind Garrott Designs, shares a philosophy with innovative architects and interior designers to elevate the everyday through thoughtful design. Garette advocates the democratization of art […] Read more